Observation Tower

By climbing the 30-feet observation tower, you can enjoy exceptional views of the St. Lawrence River, the shoreline, the Pointe-aux-Senelles and towards Métis-sur-Mer. This tower is the highest point along the shoreline. It allows you to observe the landcapes, marine birds and the bald-headed eagles that can often be seen hunting for prey at the mouth of the river.

About the construction

The tower is a masterpiece of construction in wood. Built in 2009, the tower is built of two kinds of wood. The timbers are of BC Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesi) and the steps and upper deck of eastern white cedar (Thuya occidentalis). The Park called upon Gervais Pineau from Charpenterie, Menuiserie Petchedetz of Saint-Léandre to construct the tower. He is the same artisan who built the tower at the entrance to the Park. 


River lookout

With a panoramic view of the inside of the Bay, it is the ideal site to observe aquatic birds as they move from the St. Lawrence inland up the Mitis River.  

Rockface lookout

One of the most popular views of the trail, the rockface lookout offers you the chance to walk to the highest point of the Park and observe the Mitis backcountry from Saint-Octave-de-Métis to the Mont-Comi of Saint-Donat! A favorite spot for bird lovers, being directly in the canopy.

The river marsh lookout

Did you know that more than a 1000 salmons go up the river every summer? Of recent construction, this point of view allows you to observe the river and the surrounding fauna.

Architectural installations

At the Mitis River Park, you enter a world imagined by Pierre Thibault, the Quebec City architect, who designed many of the park’s structures and installations. Winner of an Award of Excellence from Canadian Architect magazine for his work at the Park, Pierre Thibault connects nature and architecture in a unique way. His concept highlights the most fragile aspects of nature and brings us to be really dynamic in the ecosystems discovery. Then, thinking about the importance of protecting nature, visitors could discover all the beauty, poetry and authenticity in every element of the landscapes. 

The log cabin

Constructed with logs from various species of trees that have fallen in the Park, the log cabin offers a halfway-point resting spot. The cabin’s window offers a spectacular view of the Mitis Bay. This is where the Park's naturalists tell visitors about the native forest of our region.

Chaise longue

From its position nestled among the trees, the chaise longue offers what is likely the most intimate view of the grandiose St. Lawrence River. Sitting in this seat, visitors may take the time to enjoy the sound of the waves on the shoreline.

About Pierre Thibault

Pierre Thibault is a long-time partner of the Jardins de Métis (or the Reford Gardens) and the Mitis River Park. He is widely recognized for his homes, museums and public buildings throughout Quebec. This unique creative process based on the interaction between the built and non-built materializes through major achievements in the institutional, cultural and residential sectors. His accomplishments include the Cistercian Abbey of Saint-Jean-de-Matha, the Exhibition Centre in Baie-Saint-Paul, the Théâtre de la Dame de coeur, the Octave-Crémazie and Louis-Fréchette rooms of the Grand Théâtre de Québec, the Espace Chorégraphique de la Fondation Jean-Pierre Perreault, the museum reserve of the National Capital and Æterna Laboratories. He realized Jardin territoire for the second edition of the International Garden Festival in 2001, The architectural projects of Pierre Thibault inspired filmmaker Denys Arcand for his film, Le règne de la beauté. See