Walking Trails

The Mitis River Park offers you walking trails, perfect for walk alone, with family or with friends. The walking trails have 3 kilometers length; it takes between 45 to 90 minutes to walk their entire length.

Download the Park's map here

List of trails

Rockface walk (260 m)

New since 2017, roam the highest point of the Park and admire the beautiful landscape of the backcountry of La Mitis from our viewpoint. Pssstt .. it's also a great place for bird watching!

Shoreline walk (210 m)

Among the most popular, the shoreline walk brings you directly to a secluded beach, that is more than 1 km in length; the trail leads to section B campsite.

Tower walk (340 m)

A direct route to the 8-meter observation tower, where you enjoy a view of the Mitis Bay and the Mitis river mouth. This is also the easiest access to section A campsite.

The detour (220 m)

Go around the campsites and admire the view of the Mitis Bay and the cormorant colony in the middle of the Park's cove!

The shortcut (190 m)

Want to shorten your hike? Take the "The Shortcut" to go from "Tower walk" to "Grand Tour", or vice versa.

The "Grand" Tour (510 m)

From the marsh to the observation tower, this trail explores the Park's forest and its unique ecosystem.

The descent (150 m)

Get closer to the Mitis River as the trail descends to its marsh, where a brand new lookout (2018 construction) awaits you.

Marsh walk (330 m) - [area under renovation]

Walk on the wooden footbridge that overlooks this marsh rich in biodiversity; a great place for bird watching.